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Creative Therapies

Art Therapy

Art therapy can involve drawing with pencils and/or charcoal, painting, clay work or other artistic creative endeavours that allow for processing and release of unconscious pre-verbal emotions.

This can be done with a therapist who will assist a client to unpack the stories behind their artworks through reflective questioning.  A therapist does not interpret art work.  

Art therapy does not require any artistic talent, but rather is a visual expression of an emotion, and as such may not have any identifiable image or creation. 

Music, dance or movement therapy allow us to express trapped emotions and trauma in our bodies and release it in ways that would not be possible through talk therapies.

Activities such as Drumming, free dance, or chi gung can assist in moving stuck energy through our body and release old pain and trauma that has been stored there.

This physical release of somatic experience can have a profound effect on our mood, experience and nervous system.

Music, Dance or Movement Therapy

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