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Karie Rohrlach

Counsellor & Coach

Welcome to Zanti Consulting!  My name is Karie Rohrlach and I am the Director and Founder of Zanti.  I am a Coach and Mentor, Counsellor and Holistic Therapist with specialist skills in Trauma using EMDR Trauma therapy.

I am passionate about supporting clients to live their best life, to experience peace and happiness and to have the skills to navigate those times in life where the going gets hard.

My strengths and passions lie in empowering clients to navigate significant life changes or transitions, find direction, clarity, purpose, hope, joy and fulfilment in life, and to feel empowered to be seen, heard and valued. I support men and women to find their voice, regain (or find) meaning in their life, and to develop a stronger relationship with themselves and others.

I believe in looking at the whole person, and so focus beyond just the mind and emotions and look at the energy, environment and ancestral patterns that may be influencing a clients ability to live their best life.

I have an existential, transpersonal and humanistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy, but also love working with solution focused among other approaches.  I utilise these approaches into an overall integrated approach with the under pinning of person centred therapy. 

About Me

I am a counsellor, coach and holistic therapist offering counselling and therapy services to clients who are ready to take the leap towards empowerment, growth and wellness.

I provide Counselling,  EMDR (Trauma Therapy), Holistic Therapy, Creative Therapies, Leadership coaching, small business mentoring, and support clients to live the life they choose. 


I assist others to face and work through concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, low self esteem and rescuing behaviour.  I empower clients to connect with themselves and break free of the disabling patterns keeping them from the peace and joy they are seeking.

I love seeing the amazing shifts and changes my clients experience after engaging with my services.  Whether it is that light bulb moment in a workshop, or a life changing epiphany in a counselling session, it brings me the purpose and meaning I have spent many years striving for.   Equally importantly I love seeing the bravery and commitment clients demonstrate by turning up on the good days, and surviving the bad days, and being there to support them on the journey.

After spending many years working in the corporate environment I started studying Psychology in 2011.  Recognising the burnout, stress and poor health prevalent in public service I ‘broke free’ to follow my passion of helping and supporting others to live the life they choose.


I am living (and have lived) the journey of facing myself, my demons and my patterns and choosing more aligned ways of being and living in the world.  Ways that embody authenticity, empowerment, passion, purpose and flow.   


This has led to me graduating with a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), Graduate Diploma of Counselling, and Kinesiology training, in addition to many other holistic therapies.  These have supported me to clean out old ancestral patterns and trauma, and to embrace a more empowered version of myself.  It is my passion to help others to take this journey should they wish to.


A trainer once told me ‘You can only take others as deep as you are willing to go yourself’.  This has stayed with me.  To be an effective leader, change maker, therapist and counsellor we must be willing to do the work ourselves.  To go deep, feel the feels, face our darkest shadows, and come out of the underworld ready to support those also willing to take the journey.  To me, this is not a journey of pretence, putting on a mask and pretending to be something I am not.  To me this journey is about authenticity, transparency, humility, alignment, compassion and empathy. 

Green Leaves

Assisting with








Grief and Loss

Trauma and PTSD

Childhood issues

Communication Skills

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Focus and Concentration

Feelings of hopelessness

Personal Empowerment

Meaning and Purpose

Interpersonal Conflict

Life Transitions



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