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Consider the Diamond

Consider the diamond….

A raw uncut diamond to the casual eye just looks like a normal average flawed rock. Nothing exciting or valuable here.. right? Wrong!

The diamond beneath its raw uncut surface is clarity, beauty beyond measure, pure reflection of light, a symbol of eternal love… but how do we get from an ordinary looking stone, to something that fills us with wonder and amazement at its beauty? WE CRACK IT OPEN! We cut away everything that hides the beauty… everything that has clung to the surface from the soil, struggles, tumbles around us!

Creating a diamond isn’t about making something wonderful.. it is about cutting away all that is holding us back from seeing its beauty. While we might look at ourselves and see an ordinary flawed, maybe even cracked rock.. if that rock gets cracked wide open, if those things around us hiding the beauty are destroyed, then we can see that glorious diamond in all its beauty.

Now consider how the diamond feels? It doesn’t see the beauty inside. If it looks in the mirror it only see’s the surface, and when it is cut or cracked open, when everything it knows falls away, only then does it see the magic.

WE are that diamond! We go through life-changing experiences, sometimes horrific experiences, and we spend years wondering why? What was wrong with us? What did we do wrong? We discover things about ourselves we cannot like, but in reality, it is the work of a master, showing us what is real and valuable, and removing all that holds us back from this reality.

The master is cracking us open so we can shine! And yet so often we endure such pain by fighting the change, by trying to hold onto the image of the valueless rock, never imaging what can be in store for us if we just open ourselves up, let go of the dross, and shine with the beauty and passion we were created with.

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