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Energetic Boundaries

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

I would like to take a moment to talk about energetic boundaries.

For those of us who are empathic, we can often find ourselves picking up on the energies of those around us.

But even for those who do not feel particularly empathic, we are still – perhaps unknowingly – absorbing the energies of those around us.

This might be shown through feeling flat or down or energetically drained when you have been around certain people. It may also be shown through unwittingly picking up belief systems and ideas from those around us.

I have recently been working with a coach myself, and through our sessions I became aware of a limiting belief that was holding me back from reaching my goals. It was a simple belief creating guilt – and the funny thing about it was it wasn’t even my belief. It was something I had picked up from someone close to me, and taken on as my own.

Now this doesn’t mean we should all live in a bubble, but what it does mean is that we should be aware of what is ours and what is another’s.

I am not advocating that you write people out of your life here, I am bringing attention to something that needs light shed on it. Looking at what we deem to be real and really analysing, is that our wish or belief, or is it something we are absorbing from someone around us or near to us?

Are we allowing another to imprint us with their wishes, desires or beliefs? Now if this is someone we highly respect and these beliefs can help us move forward that is not necessarily a bad thing – but let’s face it – this journey home to ourselves is about knowing clearly and deeply who WE are, not what others have imposed on us to be.

Where this can be particularly tricky is where someone near to us – either physically or emotionally – who is what we would define as toxic; abusive, highly negative, angry and demeaning, masochist, narcissistic etc., we can find our energies become so depleted and affected that it is very difficult to find the courage and the strength to step up and break free and claim our own energy and power.

On occasion this might be someone who appears positive, but underneath they are carrying un-healed wounds that are creating a negative energetic impact on us.

Now I want to be clear this is not about blaming or shaming those whose energies are affecting us. They often are not aware they are doing so and often are coming from their own unhealed and wounded parts.

This is about us taking ownership for our own energy fields.

This is about us standing tall and strong and saying to ourselves and the universe quite clearly – “I TAKE OWNERSHIP OF MY OWN ENERGETIC FIELD”.

Sometimes this intent will be enough – other times we might need to take time out to physically remove ourselves from these energies so we can get clarity on what is ours and what is theirs.

So my question to you is – is your energetic field clear and representative of you and your beliefs, or have you absorbed others beliefs and energies unknowingly?

If you would like help managing your energetic boundaries please feel free to book a free session or feel free to share your experiences by posting below.

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