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Standing at the Cross Roads

Wouldn’t it be lovely if life had a road map, where we knew where the twists, turns, and intersections were?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan our ‘road trip’, with the required food, water, and pitstops along the way – to ensure the best and smoothest journey possible?

Wouldn't it be nice if when we came to the crossroads, the sign was there clearly showing us which direction to go.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were no detours, wrong turns, flat tires, or empty fuel tanks – just a beautiful drive through the countryside.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t offer a road map.

There may be some texts from wise philosophers or spiritual texts that might offer us some guidance – but even they are not able to always direct us in the right choice to make in life. Which job, which partner, which house to purchase, or town to live in. Life is made up of a series of choices – crossroads leading us in new and different directions.

Sometimes it is so easy to get stuck at the crossroads, scared of making a wrong turn or choosing a bumpy road. It is easy to be fearful if the twists and turns of our path haven’t turned out so well for us in the past – or seemingly so.

But what of the unforeseen blessings and lessons along those paths? What of the growth, wisdom, compassion, and friendships we have experienced from having traveled those somewhat bumpy roads? Would you swap those experiences for a nice smooth peaceful road – where no growth or learning might be achieved?

What if there was no wrong turn, but rather just new adventures and experiences waiting for us? What if all we needed to do to make a choice is just take a step – and from that one step the universe can step in and create for us? Sometimes the fear gets in the way – fear of the unknown, fear of our dreams rejecting us, wounding us or causing us pain and suffering. Is it love you are fearful of trusting? Or is it financial security that is keeping you stuck in a state of fear?

Over our lifespan, we develop many beliefs and ideas about ourselves, our environment, and those around us. Those experiences form the patterns we live by. Sometimes it might be a tragic event happening at a moment when we were at our most joyful – and forevermore we fear experiencing joy or abundance for fear another tragic event might steal our happiness.

It might be that as a child or adult we were criticised and couldn’t make others happy – no matter how hard we tried. So now we are forever doubting and criticising ourselves, or holding excessively high standards for ourselves, to avoid further suffering. Sometimes those high standards and self-doubt can be the very thing that is holding us back from achieving our wildest dreams.

Often, we are completely unaware of these patterns playing out in our lives, and so they are a backdrop influencing our every decision – or fear of choosing.

So here you are standing at the crossroads, and I am wondering – what patterns are you willing to allow to continue to influence your life? How much longer will you let them stop you from making the most empowered and joyful choice for yourself?

You are here at the crossroads – and what do you choose? Love – meaning an expansive, brave, and empowered choice? Or Fear – meaning a choice based on fear, lack, or contraction?

The choice is yours – and always that choice will bring you growth and lessons and learning. The question is – what lessons, growth, and learning are you going to choose?

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