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Empowered Living

I am faced today with the prospect of returning to work tomorrow after 2 weeks leave - a time of reflection and introspection. The energy of the Hermit is about going within, gaining insights and awareness that are difficult (or impossible) to obtain when we are so busy looking outside of ourselves, or partaking in the drama and business of life. It is a case of sometimes being too close to a situation to see it with clarity - and it is only in taking several somewhat large steps back that we gain the clarity we need.

My learning's over these past few weeks (and in truth months) have been many. The most significant is around expressing my truth. Using my voice. That doesn't just mean being honest with ourselves and others about our true feelings and desires (although that is certainly a large part of it), but it is also about being brave enough to stand in our power and being who we are meant to be. In short not allowing fear or others to keep us small. As I write this I wonder at what soul contracts we make with others to give us an 'excuse' to stay small. Ah - another moment of clarity.

In truth NOBODY has the power to keep us small, silence our voice, or keep us from our life mission/path/desires. It may feel as though they have that power - but it is a power we give them - and that we can return to ourselves at any given time... just as soon as we decide we are worthy of it in fact.

In recent months I have found as I stepped into my power (authenticity) and sought to fulfil a purpose for my life that there were those who became threatened by my actions and chose to nullify this behaviour in their own various ways. It has hit hard and left its mark, however in all things there are lessons - and as I regain clarity I am faced with a truth. No-one has the power to keep me small - unless I give it to them. No-one has the power to keep me from my path - unless I give it to them. NO-ONE can stop me from fulfilling my soul contracts UNLESS I LET THEM!

As I reflect on my life and some of the patterns, I am faced with a simple fact - there have been too many times when I have allowed others to keep me small. It is true I have fought back and claimed my right to be free to be myself, but then once again I find myself in these situations - different surroundings - different names but same dynamics. I know that the soul contract I have with my clients - future, present and past - is to assist them to find their voice, step into their power, reach for the stars and reach their goals - and it is only in learning this (deeply) for myself that I can assist others to do so.

Ultimately the answer comes down to a few significant factors. Forgiveness (for ourselves and others), compassion (for ourselves and others and the pain that causes them to act in certain ways), authentic truth (speaking up about what is real for us in a heart centred, calm and rational manner), and absolute determination to not let anyone keep us from what we consciously know is right for us (when we want to hide in our shell, surrender, or give our power away to avoid the spears flying our way)

Many of you may have felt the current energies at the moment - they can be challenging to negotiate as we transition from the old to the new. This transition requires letting go of what deep down (if we surrender) we KNOW is not meant for us - no matter how comfortable it may be to stay there, or how much we think we want it.

These may be mind sets, safety nets, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, jobs, location - the list goes on. We may experience ascension symptoms such as pain, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, headaches etc. We may have waves of grief, sadness as we purge old emotions and pain that we need to release to allow our future to unfold. We may have a sudden knowing about things we weren't aware of before. We may find ourselves getting more into our hearts and feeling rather than being in our heads thinking.

As they say you can't solve a problem doing the same things that created it. You need to take a different approach. Going within can help us gain clarity on what that approach is. Meditation, getting into nature, walks etc all help us to go within, listen to our heart, higher guidance, intuition and find the answers we seek.

With any change there is always going to be resistance - it is par for the course - but when we can surrender and let go we find ourselves in the flow, and the divine energies trying to help us can move those chess pieces to everyone's favour and highest good so much more quickly. Surrender and healing bring us in divine timing to that which we know deep in our bones is ours - was always ours - has been ours for lifetimes - and all we needed to do was to let go of the resistance and take that leap of faith and surrender to the divine support available to us (asking helps!). The more we resist a situation the more energy we give it - but in surrender and acceptance we can find things shift and change quicker than we can possibly imagine.

I am saying these words to myself as I contemplate my next steps forward. As I reclaim my power to be available to those who I can help ,and release those who would seek to prevent me from doing so. As I consciously commit to doing whatever it takes to be in alignment within myself, my soul, a heart open and filled with love as I authentically speak my truth and open my heart to receive and give in equal measure.

I am very grateful for all of those who are traveling this journey with me, and your deep love and support

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