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Unconditional Love

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Love is so often thought of as something one must ‘have’. Implying that it is something that we must ‘hold onto’. We say we ‘give’ love, implying that we are giving it away. Other times we look to love to fill an empty space inside or to heal our wounds. But in truth, none of these things are love. These things are all about fear and lack.

The wise masters tell us that the opposite of love is fear, and that we cannot have both. We can only experience fear OR love. Fear is based on ego – our self doubt, unworthiness, emptiness and pain – these are the very things that make us want to ‘hold onto’ something or someone. It implies lack. “Have and to hold onto”, give or heal or fill, they are all based on lack. This is not love.

Real love, true love, is unconditional, it has no attachment, no need to hold onto, no feeling of lack. When we dig deep and do the work to let go of the ego based ideas of love we find something much greater and more profound. We find unconditional love. ‘True Love’.

Unconditional love is a space kept in our heart for someone. It is there regardless of the situation, regardless of whether you see or speak to someone, regardless of another’s actions. We can’t hold onto unconditional love, it is an energy that flows continuously, giving and receiving, filling and emptying in a never ending cycle of energy and flow. If we ever try to hold onto it, we lose it. If we attach our desires or outcomes to it, we lose it. It is like the current of a river, stop the current or flow and the water becomes stagnant and life dies.

Unconditional love is akin to universal love, spiritual love, love of God – depending on your affiliations. It makes no demands, has no expectations, has no lack. It is only in coming from a place of unconditional love that we can see the pure magic of creation. It is only in letting it be whatever it wants to be, and letting go of all attachment to outcomes, that we can experience it. It is the healing balm that heals the aching wounds of ego based love.

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